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Alumni Check-In: Nate Miller (2014)

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As the Ottumwa Leadership Academy welcomes its 10th class of leaders, we’re checking back in with alumni from the first nine classes to see where they are now. Today, we’re catching up with Nate Miller, a graduate of the 2014 class of the Ottumwa Leadership Academy. 

Ottumwa Leadership Academy: Where are you now? How has your career changed since you were a participant in the Academy?

Nate Miller: I’m still with Indian Hills Community College. I’m getting ready to celebrate my 9th year here at the college. My role since O.L.A has shifted considerably. Today, I’m in charge of Work Based Learning opportunities under the High School Programs division. I don’t think many people are aware that dual enrollment makes up nearly half of the college’s total enrollment. We work with 19-separate Community School Districts, seven different Career Academies, and over 200 different employers in our 10-county region. I’m also in charge of the college’s Workforce Initiative’s team, which was created to establish a clear internal communication process regarding business & industry visits and communication with our employer partners.

Ottumwa Leadership Academy: How do you find yourself still using skills or things you learned in the Academy? 

Nate Miller: There are many skills and ideas that I still utilize to this day. An example of an idea that’s stuck with me is the idea that leadership never ends. It’s a constant progression that one develops over time, and it’s something that can occur in both little and big moments. So I think it’s important to remind ourselves of this to better serve those around us.   

Ottumwa Leadership Academy: You have taken a very active role in the O.L.A. Alumni Association! How has being a part of the Alumni Association impacted you since you graduated in 2014? 

Nate Miller: By allowing me the opportunity to meet and network with so many different people within the community. That’s probably what I’ve enjoyed most about being a part of the O.L.A. and the Alumni Association.

Ottumwa Leadership Academy: What other opportunities have you had to serve as a leader since graduating? 

Nate Miller: A couple of years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to join the Wapello County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity as a Board member. Today, I’m proud to say that we’re at the forefront of completing our first new build in over three years.

Ottumwa Leadership Academy: What advice do you have for members of this year’s class of the Ottumwa Leadership Academy? 

Nate Miller: Stay connected. There are a variety of different organizations within the community that are doing some great things. My advice is to find something that speaks to you and see what you can do to help make it better.