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Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies and individuals
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Who want to partner with Ottumwa Leadership Academy in building leaders for our community. Various levels of sponsorship are available to meet the needs of the sponsor; and each is available for companies or individuals.

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Title Sponsor

$ 5000

Our title sponsors are key partners for the sustainability and growth of Ottumwa Leadership Academy. Sponsorship includes prominent placement on website, brochure, emails, newsletter, and other promotional materials; and tuition for one participant of sponsor’s choosing.

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Leadership Curriculum Sponsor

$ 2500

Leadership Program sponsors help support the leadership curriculum needs of the Academy. These sponsors help support speakers, books, and materials specifically for the leadership component of each academy day. Sponsorship includes website placement and other promotional materials as well as the opportunity to introduce/open the leadership portion of the session.

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Session Sponsor

$ 1000

Session Sponsors support important operational costs associated with the day’s activities including travel costs, meals, rental fees, etc. Sponsorship includes website placement and signage during the day, and introduction at breakfast.

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$ 500

Companies or individuals who sponsor social/networking activity will help in covering the cost associated with lunch and the mixer following the structured day of Academy. Sponsorship includes introduction at lunch or mixer and signage placement during social activities.

For more information about sponsorship please contact

Hollie Tometich

Hollie Tometich

Executive Director