Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Alumni Association

It is the desire and intent of Ottumwa Leadership Academy to continue to Educate, Equip, Encourage, and Engage its Alumni through the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association will provide opportunities as desired by the members of the Association that include networking, education, volunteerism, service, and leadership development.

Programming for Alumni
Dues-paying members enjoy full access and discounts to programming such as:

  • Master Mind Group: MMG will meet weekly for 6 weeks to review specific leadership development book and to offer insights to each other in a supportive environment in order to further develop leadership thinking, capacity, and abilities. MMGs will be offered twice a year to alumni and associates of Ottumwa Leadership Academy.
  • Networking: Alumni will have several opportunities throughout the year to network with other alumni, as well as the current class. Association members will receive discounts to events.
  • Service Activities & Volunteerism: All alumni (paid and non-paying members) will be made award of service activities and opportunities to volunteer with Ottumwa Leadership Academy.
  • 12 @ 12 Leaders Luncheon: This monthly luncheon is organized by the Alumni Association Committee and provides 12 alumni to have an exclusive opportunity to learn from a prominent leader in our community.
  • Alumni Breakfast: This event organized by the Alumni Association Committee is an opportunity for Alumni and current class members to network, hear from an inspirational speaker, and to invite a potential candidate to introduce them to the Ottumwa Leadership Academy community.
  • Business Book Club: Alumni choose different business books throughout the year to read. After each book is read the club will meet over a brown-bag lunch for a facilitated discussion.
  • Timely Topics: Brown-bag lunch discussion on a topic that is currently in the news and discuss the local implications of the topic.

Our Alumni Programming is Valued at $776

Alumni Association Committee
Dues-paying members of the alumni are eligible to be a member of the Alumni Association Committee. This committee is dedicated to offer continuing leadership development opportunities through the Ottumwa Leadership Academy and decide on an annual calendar of events and activities.

  • Annual Alumni Membership: $75 (Alumni receive a 72% Discount on Programming with paid dues)
  • Annual Transitional Alumni Membership: $25 (Rate for program alumni who are in-between jobs)
  • Annual Golden Membership: $65 (Rate for alumni who are 65 or older)
  • Friends of the Alumni Membership: $200 (Membership open to community members who want to be part of Ottumwa Leadership Academy, but aren’t able to participate in the full academy.  Friends receive 54% Discount on Programming with paid dues)

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