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Graduation Requirements

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Attendance is mandatory at

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Attendance at one community meeting

(at least one hour in length)

Must be done to complete graduation requirements. A report indicating the date and time of the meeting, length of time spent there, and three perceptions gleaned from the experience is due to the Executive Director. The report should be no more than one page in length.

Community meetings can include:

  1. City Council
  2. Board of County Supervisors
  3. School Board
  4. ISU Extension Council
  5. IHCC Board of Trustees

Community meetings can take place in Ottumwa, Wapello County, or near-by city or county.

The completion of group projects

Teams partner with local organizations who have provided an application to Ottumwa Leadership Academy pitching an idea/issue that a team can work on and provide a solution. Groups are expected to work outside of the scheduled monthly sessions on their projects.

Each project team will be assigned a champion who will serve as an advisor throughout the year. Teams will provide two presentations to the Team Advisor Committee and can meet with their champion on an as-needed basis. The champions will help steer the teams through obstacles as needed and help ensure teams are on the right track with their projects.