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Alumni Spotlight: Ashleigh Richmond promoted at IHCC

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Ashleigh Richmond was promoted to Program Coordinator of Adult Education & Literacy in October after teaching in adult education as Lead Instructor, Language Arts for four years. In this new role, she leads a team of 15 instructors across six counties. She is also now responsible for writing and reporting on a large grant. “This was a great opportunity for me because it allows me to continue teaching two classes, which I love, but also grow in a leadership role.”

“A lesson from OLA that I go back to again and again came from the class of 2018’s ground rules: assume good intent. As a teacher, a supervisor, and a mom, I find that it’s much easier to work toward a solution or make progress if I assume that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools or information they have. If there is a problem, there is probably a piece missing somewhere, and we can work together to find it. “