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Alumni Spotlight: Barb Allison, O.L.A. Class of 2014

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Barb Allison, joined the Board of Directors for Ottumwa Regional Health Center in January 2017.  Below is a Q&A about her experience of joining a new board.

What did you learn from O.L.A. that helped you decide that this opportunity was a good fit?  “The session that Brad Little did on board governance helped me to become a better board member.  The skit of the ‘bad board’ helped me as well.  You can just picture yourself sitting in a board meeting just like that. For the hospital Board, I interviewed with a current board member to see if this board was one that would be of interest.  We discussed the Board’s role and responsibilities, the term limits, who are the other board members, meeting times and what was truly expected of a board member.”

What would you say to others who are thinking about joining a board of directors?  “Always know the time commitment and make sure that the board is of interest to you.  Also know what is expected of you as a board member.  Be an active participant on the board.”

What other piece of advice would you give to alumni and the current O.L.A. class?  “Step out of your comfort zone and keep learning.”