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Alumni Spotlight – Edith Cabrera-Tello (2020)

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Edith Cabrera-Tello, O.L.A. Class of 2020 recently had her book “Vida de Sueños” (Dream Life) published.

When asked what inspired her to write her book, Edith stated, “When I had my son in 2000, I started to recall my childhood and all my grandmothers’ stories. I realized that those stories needed to be shared with future generations because some of them did not grow up in the same country and did not have the chance to meet their ancestors. These stories are part of who we are in the clan. I felt I needed to honor my ancestors.”

Edith wrote the book in 2002 and started to edit it in 2020. “I was not planning to publish it, but after all these years I learned that I had to close this cycle and publish it.”

Vida de Sueños (Dream Life) is a book to honor the place that ancestors have in our lives. In this book, I teach that when we remember our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents, we establish a deep, revealing, and healing connection with them. This book highlights the power of traditions, legacies, and family trees,” stated Edith.

Alternate chapters have different stories from her grandmothers. She described how they lived their lives in a rural area and in the city.  Even though they had different types of lives, they had similar situations that marked their loved ones. “I was able to recall some social and cultural changes that happened in Guatemala.”

Edith’s top 5 CliftonStrengths are Connectedness, Strategic, Learner, Arranger, and Includer. “I could say, I used these strengths to create Vida de Sueños from the beginning to the end.

Ottumwa Leadership Academy gave me the tools to become a better leader and believe in my dreams.”

Additionally, by writing the book Edith learned some things along way. “I learned that everybody has stories that can be shared with others. Writing this book helped me to understand my ancestors and become conscious of my roots. I was able to prove myself that it is okay to be out of my comfort zone.”

If you are considering writing a book, Edith gives this advice, “Be yourself and bring those ideas to your paper. The key is connecting your mind with your heart. After that, writing is magical. Just write, write, and keep writing. Do not worry about time, topics, or grammar rules. The words will come out if you listen to your soul. You can enhance your work later. If you are still doubting about writing a story, take the time and observe your surroundings, you may find a story in front of you.”

To purchase Edith’s book, you can find it on Amazon.  While this first edition is in Spanish, Edith is considering an English translation later this year.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Vida-sue%C3%B1os-Spanish-Edith-Cabrera/dp/B09WWNCZ3F/ref=sr_1_1?crid=F1XKYZV9YC55&keywords=vida+de+suenos+edith+cabrera&qid=1650303762&sprefix=vida+de+sue%C3%B1os+edith+cabrera%2Caps%2C68&sr=8-1