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Alumni Spotlight: Lindsay Cale

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Lindsay Cale (Class of 2021) has been promoted to Center Director at the Ottumwa Job Corps Center. She previously served as the Human Resources Manager for the Center.

“Being a part of the Ottumwa Leadership Academy has given me an amazing snapshot of what our community has to offer, as well as what it needs. The comprehensive learning opportunity along with team activities prepares leaders in our organizations to be open and ready for growth and opportunity,” she said. “I will continue to focus on building great relationships and developing people in any way that I can.”

As the Center Director, Lindsay will plan, organize, and administer the programs and activities of the Job Corps Program. “I will be leading with the team responsible for the overall administration of an efficient and effective student training program that focuses on placing opportunity in front of young adults, preparing them for employment with a holistic approach in social development, academics, vocational training, and career readiness,” she said about her new role.

Congratulations, Lindsay!