Alumni Spotlight: Proctor Promoted to Loan Processing/Support Supervisor

Ottumwa Leadership Academy Alumni Nicolette Proctor (’20) has been promoted to Loan Processing/Support Supervisor at South Ottumwa Savings Bank.

Nicolette is supervising, developing, and coordinating staff and workflow in the loan processing/support department in her new role. She said, “I am working closely with the loan officers to provide excellent support, and prompt completion of all loan documents and support needs along with overseeing regulatory compliance as it pertains to loan document processing and loan document language.”

Nicolette joined the 2019/2020 Ottumwa Leadership Academy class to gain more confidence in herself as a leader. She reflected on her time in the Academy stating “Ottumwa Leadership Academy helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them efficiently to become a better leader. Ottumwa Leadership Academy has also made me more aware of our community and other opportunities to join programs or committees to continue to help me grow as a leader along with helping out areas in need in our community.”