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Current Class Feature: Carrie Jaeger

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Meet current class member Carrie Jaeger!

Carrie is the Business Development Manager with Manpower.  She and her husband John moved to Ottumwa 10 years ago.  “We did not think we would stay and have now realized that we will never leave!”  John is a teacher and coach with the Ottumwa School district and together they have 3 (very busy) daughters Harper, Elise, and Jensen.  “I started working with Manpower upon arriving in Ottumwa and have been able to advance my career within my organization largely due to the fantastic business partners I have met throughout this community!”

When reflecting on why she wanted to participate in the Ottumwa Leadership Academy, Carrie said, “It is extremely important to not only be a part of this community but educate myself on how I can best make an impact.  An organization such as Ottumwa Leadership Academy provides such a wonderful balance of meaningful relationships, community resources and business partnerships that will allow me to move forward past graduation with an arsenal to simply make a difference.”

Carrie’s top 5 CliftonStrengths are


“Learning about CliftonStrengths was important as it helps to not only shape my leadership style but also to understand how I can communicate effectively with those that have different strengths from me.”

Thinking about the various classes, Carrie shared, “Every session has left me with so many additional thoughts and ideas but the session dealing with conflict [Media, Public Relations and Communication] had the largest impact.  In today’s world it can be hard dealing with difficult discussions and simple empathy has often left.  This session really focused on how to better solve a problem as opposed to simply fixing it.  After I found myself dissecting my own conversations to better dig to a root cause.”

With just a month left of Ottumwa Leadership Academy, Carrie is eager to continue learning to be a better community member and leader.  “I would love to be a champion for growth and progress to help bridge the gap for those looking for additional understanding.”