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Current Class Spotlight: Alysia Simmons

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Alysia Simmons is the Senior Trainer at Community 1st Credit Union. She began her career with C1st 6 years ago as a teller. In her current position, she has the opportunity to meet and welcome new employees to the organization and share with them what the credit union difference is.

“What made me most interested in participating in Ottumwa Leadership Academy was the community involvement and networking opportunities,” stated Alysia. “I am not originally from Ottumwa, so meeting others who are key players in the Ottumwa community was intriguing to me. I was also looking forward to learning and hearing more about how I can make an impact in the community I work, live, and raise a family in.”

“I have found each class impactful, however, the most impactful day for me was the Human, Community, & Health Services day. During this session we were introduced to many great organizations and programs that residents of Wapello County have available to them, which many might not be aware of,” shared Alysia.  “I also felt this day impacted me the most because we heard a lot about the different types of roadblocks that many of the community agencies face, funding being a common theme amongst them all. Knowing that most of these roadblocks trickle down from legislation that is passed, grants that are either approved or not approved, and local government policies, it gave me a true understanding at why advocating for what you believe is right can greatly impact a community.”

When asked about what session she is most looking forward to for the remainder of O.L.A., she stated, “I look forward to all of the remaining sessions, but I especially am looking forward to the State Government session where we will travel to the state capital to meet with local and state leaders.

Alysia’s top five CliftonStrengths are Woo, Positivity, Empathy, Achiever, and Communication.  “Learning more about my own personal strengths has validated the way that I lead and the way that I impact others around me. “

Alysia lives in Ottumwa with her boyfriend Billy, and their 7 year old son Mason. They have 2 cats; Frank and Beans, and a corgi named Pork Chop. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, playing video games, traveling, and giving back to the community.