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Current Class Spotlight: Noah Eklund

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2023 Class Feature: Noah Eklund

Noah is a southeast Iowa native. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Northern Iowa, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Ashford University. Noah has over a decade of experience within higher education, serving in several different capacities. He currently serves as the Director of Enrollment Services & Academic Advisor at Indian Hills Community College.

“I wanted to participate in the Ottumwa Leadership Academy to grow my skills as a leader, and to learn more about what the Ottumwa community has to offer,” stated Noah.

Noah’s top five strengths are Harmony, Restorative, Consistency, Responsibility, and Empathy. “Knowing what my strengths are has made me understand more about myself; it has also made me realize that everybody has different strengths, and sometimes I may need to adapt what I do, in order to better serve those with strengths that are different than mine.”

When considering the sessions so far in O.L.A., he found the Human, Community, and Health Services class day to be the most impactful. “While I grew up in southeast Iowa, I was unaware of all the resources that are available in the community.”

“In the remainder of my time in Ottumwa Leadership Academy, I hope to continue to learn skills that will assist me in becoming a better leader. I am also looking forward to learning more about the Ottumwa community and ways in which our group project can have a positive impact in the community.”