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Current Class Spotlight: Russ Hull

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2023 Class Feature: Russ Hull

Russ was born and raised in Ottumwa. He has worked as a truck driver and in management jobs and is currently serving on the Ottumwa City Council.

“I have wanted to participate in Ottumwa Leadership Academy for a few years now. I am excited to get the opportunity to learn more about local organizations and how to help our community.”

Russ’ top five CliftonStrengths are Responsibility, Positivity, Arranger, Communication, and Includer. “I have tried to work on my strengths and understand how I can better myself. Building on these strengths has helped me be a better learner.”

The day Russ has found to be most impactful during O.L.A. so far is the Human, Community, and Health Services session. “This class was very impactful because I didn’t know there were so many resources available to citizens. So many organizations are out there to help those in need.”

Which class is Russ most looking forward to? “I am excited for the trip to Des Moines to visit the legislature.”

During his free time, Russ enjoys playing video games and watching movies. “I have also started taking classes to expand my knowledge. I have found a love in learning new things. I recently completed a course through DMACC.”