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OLA Alumni – 2022 Happiness Project Book Club

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“One rainy afternoon, while riding a city bus, Gretchen Rubin asked herself, ‘What do I want from life, anyway?’ She answered, ‘I want to be happy’—yet she spent no time thinking about her happiness.”

As we approach 2022, many people make resolutions for the new year. Often, those resolutions, no matter how different they are from person to person, boil down to wanting to feel happy.

The O.L.A. Alumni Association is kicking off its first online book club with the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The group will take 12 months, focusing on one happiness principle per month, via a private Facebook group, to connect, motivate and encourage each other to make 2022 their happiest year yet.

There is no cost to join, and is open to all O.L.A. Alumni, but participants are responsible for the cost of their own copy of the book: https://gretchenrubin.com/books/the-happiness-project/about-the-book/

To register, email Heather Larson (hlarson@ottumwalegacy.org) by 12/30/2021 to save your online-seat!